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SONUS is a modern a cappella choir, born from the desire to create beautiful music with excellence and passion, with an emphasis on modern and sacred music. They are dedicated to a collective leadership, working together to create a transcendent experience, not only for the listener, but for the performer. Every member of the choir has input in the shaping of the music, creating a truly beautiful and unified sound.

Since its founding in 2014, SONUS has created a unique listening experience, as they sing in an open semi-circle with the conductor singing with them in their midst. This allows a uniquely emotional and dynamic performance, as the separation is removed between choir and conductor. Their specialization of straight-tone singing creates yet another level of musical synergy. There is no vibrato to disrupt the overtones created by pure pitches, so the full color of sound can be heard and felt, making SONUS a rich and deeply moving musical experience.


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SONUS is excited to offer its second recording project, an EP entitled “The Parthenon Sessions” available digitally through all major streaming and download services!

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Whether it's singing in a concert, recording your piece, or doing a workshop with your group, we are here for you!

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